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Whether you are a lawyer in private practice or in-house lawyer in order to progress in your career, you will need to develop a range of managerial skills.

Having excellent legal knowledge is not enough and you will need to come to grips with project management, financial management, people management, marketing and strategy skills.

IMA World Wide helps to prepare professionals in the legal industry for roles as associates, partners, general managers and other senior roles through a range of disciplines.

The program will help you develop practical business and leadership skills so you can bring greater value to your legal practice or department.

— Management of a medical center —

About the program

Duration is 5 months

Practical components

Real Business cases, lectures with US advocates, various practical tasks and business games


Business Law Master

You’ll be assessed via a
combination of methods:

1. The role and functions of a Law Company Manager/Head.
2. Legal company strategy development.
3. Analysis of competitors by key parameters.
4. Strategic analysis methods.
5. Legal Marketing.
6. Time management.
7. Effective communication skills: meetings, presentations, negotiations.

8. Goal setting and organizational planning.
9. Management Decision Making.
10. Stress-free control.
11. Motivational HR strategy.
12. Conflict Management.
13. Risk management.

Fee $3800

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