Zhukovskii Maksim, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of the group of companies

When you, as a leader, participate in the business process, it is difficult, for various reasons, to look at the ongoing process from the outside or from above at the external and internal environment as well as the company’s strategy. It started kicked up, but I did not know how to get through that storm with minimal losses, it was a real question for me. The Executive MBA program showed me those tools and how best to apply them during turbulent times. Therefore, I immediately initiated the corresponding transformations of the group of companies managed. I have not even imagined these changes when I established them.

Despite the presence of a certain knowledge, I have learned a lot of interesting things from the books of the Executive MBA program. I highlighted many points for myself with a marker and now I apply them in my working activities. Articles in the Reader were the thing.  

Face-to-face tutorials are a very useful and effective learning tool. First of all, people work with people, so nothing can replace personal face-to-face communication between us. Perhaps other variants can be additional element, but they cannot replace real-life communication. 

The qualified staff of teachers is excellently chosen, including human factor.

The templates and checklists were very helpful in the learning process and made the strategy development process easier.

If a surgeon is talented and has a set of cool tools with him/her, then in any situation he/she will be able to provide qualified assistance. The same situation works in business: if the mechanism for developing a strategy and its structure are clear, then it won’t be difficult for me to develop a strategy for any of my business directions professionally.

How would I characterize the International Management Academy MBA program?

The first is the presence of a real mission, vision and value. This is not the case with other programs on the market. Second, it is important that the program is given in the language we are used to thinking. Third, a convenient format of training. Fourth, it is very important that among the teachers there are not just theoreticians from the current training system of the country, but only people who have their personal histories of business and management.

Recently, I looked through the photos of our learning process again, and I felt nostalgia and missed such a cheerful energetic group, where everyone had one goal and everyone was in tune with each other. Thus, I remember only comfortable impressions. It is a rarity when, in one period of time, circumstances unite bright and charismatic personalities based on similar goals, tasks and life attitudes, just like the coat of arms of the Academy says: “premium inter pares” (which means the first among equals / best).

I would recommend that future graduates of the Academy do not waste time, but quickly sign up for training, since there are no analogues of this program on the market.

Executive MBA program, graduation of 2017