Volynets Vitalii, Deputy Director. Gas Supply Company NAFTOGAZ

Today, having completed the Executive MBA program, I can say the following: this program has been prepared at a very high professional level and it is based on a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. It means that the program construction was carried out not by the theorists, but by experienced specialists, taking into account the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts of the course based on the cases. The program is holistic and comprehensive covering all aspects of business processes.

Textbooks are clear, practical and applicable in the process of work; information is useful, logical, structured, compact, and covering most of the key issues. The information in the textbooks is presented in a clear and practical manner.

The Strategic Marketing module was one of the most interesting for me because it allows me to realize my creative potential.

The Financial Management module is applicable in everyday work and allows to speak the same language with financiers and accountants.

The material of the Strategic Management module is very useful and I use it within a new project throughout the country – the implementation of a new oil and gas project in Ukraine. Now all the tools of the course have to be used, as they say, hit the ground running.

The experience of developing mini business projects is very useful and contributes to the formation of practical business skills. Now there are the results: the new project is running, positive returns are achieved, and we have a desire to move forward.

Face-to-face tutorials are very useful and effective, as they provide an opportunity to contact the tutor and other members of the group, which allows you to get more comprehensive information and opinions, as well as a more complete picture on how the course tools are used in different areas of business.

The core of the course is based on the teachers of the Academy, because only experienced and professional teachers who have theoretical knowledge and skills, practical experience in their use, can give an efficient combination of theory and practice.

Templates and checklists helped in writing the thesis, and also help in the work performance.

Upon graduation, I consider it possible to implement my knowledge for the development and launch of any business through the development of a strategy. The mechanism and structure of the strategy became clear to me, moreover the course books are always at hand.

The training influenced my personality, which now influences business within Ukraine and not only.

Regarding the strengths of the program, I can say that all the components of the program are efficient, without which the course would not have such an effect, at least on me: tutors, combining theory and practice, combining full-time and online training, flexibility, cases and course material. I was also lucky with the groupmates 🙂

I recommend that future students of the International Management Academy MBA program read the course books carefully and try to do all the tasks in advance :).

Executive MBA program, full-time training, Class of 09/01/2017.