Romanenko Olga, General Manager, Construction Company

It was necessary for me to systematize the already existing 8-year experience in project management.

The structure of the tutorials is built properly, no attention is paid to unnecessary things; the theory is given for self-study while tools are worked out in practice at once. 

It is great for people who want to get namely practical skills. It is good that, again, the theory was presented in parallel with the storyline of the practical case. It was easier to perceive the information, since already in the process of reading it was clear what and how it was used. It is very good that the example of e-commerce was chosen, because this is the most relevant topic, regardless of the scope of the students’ business.

Thanks to this training, the project management algorithm was lined up. For me personally, this course gave a clear understanding that absolutely ANY project can be implemented and at the same time probability of risk and success can be calculated. Therefore, some of my DREAMS have now objectively moved into the category of OBJECTIVES. And I am very glad that at the very beginning of establishing my own business (1,5 years), I attended this course, because it is better to initially establish everything correctly than to re-establish it later.

The training has definitely fruitful results! First of all, in my communication with colleagues, in setting tasks for them (with the empowerment of the necessary powers), in the rules of control and reporting. Therefore, I definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

SE MBA Project Management, part-time, graduation of 2015