Oleg Verhulenko, IT PM SlovakiaInvest

During my education, I have changed a job as well as the assessment of my own strengths and skills have changed. I revised my requirements to the employer (it is turned out that I also have requirements) and to my own business as it should be. I learned how to apply the methodologies into practice on the run, to estimate /plan time more efficiently, constantly look back at the Magic Triangle, and do enough rather than perfect. There is more than enough information in the books, I reread some points several times, sometimes delving into every word. Not children’s books, of course, but the more happiness at the finish line. The most interesting were workshops with reports, Alaska case with teamwork, Actions and tools. Workshops provide an opportunity to work at the same material many times, to see it through the eyes of other students, sometimes more experienced ones and from other areas in which I have never worked, this is awesome!

SE MBA Project Management, graduation of 2021