Ivanova Kseniia, Financial Manager

The Project Management Course allows to develop a certain type of thinking and perception of what is happening from the standpoint of a project manager. Of course, all the presented tools are really useful for work: starting with setting SMART goals, SWOT analysis of the situation, competency matrix, structural plan and ending with such a tool for widespread use as a mind mapping.

I liked the training format. It is very convenient for working people: on the one hand, we have the opportunity to read literature at a convenient time for us, but at the same time we have the chance to work out the material at joint seminars. The tutorials were interesting and very important, as there was an opportunity to clarify the theoretical part and practice on case studies under the guidance of a professional teacher – Alexandra Rolya.

Of course, the knowledge gained will be used in my further work to improve its quality. First of all, the experience and skills gained are valuable to me, and in the near future I will have an excellent opportunity to apply them in practice.

I would recommend this course for people who want to improve their qualifications and acquire the necessary skills for work. In addition, you can choose a training format that is convenient for you. A special role is also played by the WHO will teach you. In this case, the professionalism of the teacher and the entire team should be noted. I am pleased with the organization and content of the course I have taken.

SE MBA Project Management course, first level of the MBA Project program, full-time training (Class of 09/07/13)