Anna Holm, Junior Project Manager, Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co KG

The course in Project Management was definitely the best I have ever taken. 5 months of hard work and learning. I have found some methodologies I didn’t know before but they are very useful in the project work. It is great format to work at workshops, to get great feedback from the business-tutor and change the experience between groupmates, our projects and countries. As for me I hate to listen webinars, I think it is wasting of the time (my and a speakers’) It is great when you can discuss with the Professional possible details and questions of own project, not only to listen someone’s lecture. After such educational approach I will looking for the education only in such way of learning. It is great to meet professional colleagues from different countries. I will be glad to communicate with everybody in the future and to continue exchange experience.

SE MBA Project Management, graduation of 2019