Andrey Bekler, PM, Post Finance

Good reviews from students of past years, the desire to get a strong theoretical base, the presence of two types of diplomas / certificates, the ratio of price and educational program – these were the key factors while choosing this course.

The course is very interesting and unusual. Not a “dry” theory. Passing a course with the book hero, the best practices of project management in the world with amazing examples in chrestomathy. Everything was “chewed” in detail + the maximum set of different tools for each stage of the project.

Each module gave me some new knowledge. Not to say that absolutely everything was new and unfamiliar to me, but nevertheless, many different tools with practical examples of their use were postponed and I am happy to use this “baggage” now.

I liked everything very much and I am satisfied with the course. All the goals that I set for myself were achieved by me. The administrative and teaching staff consists of professionals which control the learning process seriously.

SE MBA Project Management graduation of 2020