Project Management

Project Management is the 2-month practical course for those who plan to launch their project.

Educational format: in distance with a real tutor (real CEO/business consultant, PM).

The program includes:

  • Authors materials of MBA program (fragments)
  • Anthology (Harvard Business Review)
  • Video lectures and video presentations
  • Templates and checklists
  • Analytical tests
  • The practical tasks, checked by the program tutor.

The content:

Project Initiation

  • Project Management Basics
  • Project management model
  • Project Management Trends
  • Project selection criteria and models
  • Analysis of the types of value for making a decision on the choice of a project
  • Types of project selection models: non-numeric and numerical models
  • Project selection model
  • Project life cycle
  • The objectives of the project. SMART concept
  • 4-stage risk management model
  • Probability and Impact Assessment Matrix
  • Analysis of the types and consequences of failures FMEA
  • Risk Response Strategies
  • Project Charter / Project Summary / Project Application

Planning and  project team formation

  • Organizational structure of the project selection
  • Project plan
  • Project budget
  • Matrix of responsibility
  • Time management in projects
  • Mind Map
  • Project team selection
  • Model of teamwork effectiveness
  • Team in modern conditions
  • Responsibility of project manager
  • Qualitative characteristics of effective project managers
  • Leadership in modern conditions
  • Delegation of authority
  • Software for project management.

Project Communications

  • Communications and management activities
  • Communication models in projects
  • Conflict management
  • Conflicts and project life cycle
  • Motivation of the project team
  • Motivation in modern conditions
  • Rules and principles of negotiations
  • Expectations of the Parties

Project implementation and control

  • Successful project. Fundamental rules.
  • Project controlling
  • Project Life Cycle Audit
  • Key elements of an audit / assessment
  • Three project goals under the triple
  • Quality control
  • Change management


  • The main causes of project crises
  • When to terminate a project
  • Project termination process
  • Ways to terminate a project
  • Final Report – Project History
  • International certifications

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