Strategic Management

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT is the practical course for Managers and Business Owners. The course is the part of the Executive MBA program, which is developed by AFW Academy Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg GmbH, (Bad Harzburg, Germany) in cooperation with the International Management Academy (New York, USA).


  • Duration is 6 month;
  • Personal expert-consultant;
  • Harzburg Diploma Strategic Management;
  • Author’s business books developed as  the step-by-step plan strategy development  (300 pages of structured information with up-to-date examples and practical articles of Harvard Business Review;
  • Templates & check-lists (pdf/excel);
  • Every 2 weeks control of implementation of the methodologies by expert-consultant;
  • The final result is the developed  strategy of the business/company for 3-5 years.

Course summary:

  • Strategic management: fundamentals, models, concepts
  • Strategic analysis
  • Sectoral analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of strategic potential
  • Analysis of strategy compliance
  • General Strategies
  • Strategies with considering the various factors
  • Strategic diversification
  • Realization of the strategy

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