Segmentation and Positioning Strategies

Segmentation strategies is the 2-month professional practical course that is the part of the Strategic Marketing program, as well as of the MBA program. Segmentation is one of the first steps of a marketing strategy development, which helps to make a choice regarding the target market, successfully differentiate the product and to develop a strategy of product positioning. Choosing a market segmentation strategy is not a quick process and requires an understanding of the industry and consumer behavior.

Format: in distance with a real tutor (real CEO/business trainer, TOP manager).


Program includes:

  • 40 pages of author’s structured material, presented in the form of step-by-step instructions, tables, templates, figures and conclusions
  • Video lectures and video presentations
  • Ready-made templates and check-lists
  • Training and analytical tests
  • The final practical task checked by the program tutor.

List of templates and checklists provided:

  • Segmentation of the commodity market (excel)
  • Consumer market segmentation (excel)
  • Segmentation Guide (pdf)
  • Calculation of market capacity for the commodity market (excel)
  • Market capacity calculation for B2B (excel)
  • Development of positioning strategies for target segments (excel)


  • Gaining knowledge of the segmentation process and of the segmentation and positioning strategies development
  • Market segmentation skills formation with the help of templates and checklists
  • Identification of target market segments
  • Market segmentation strategies of a company or product/service selected
  • Ready positioning strategies of each target segment
  • Feedback from a real tutor (CEO / business consultant, TOP-manager)


  • Segmentation stages
  • Segmentation of business markets
  • Segmentation of a market by geographical characteristics
  • Segmentation of a market by demographic characteristics
  • Market segmentation by psychographic characteristics
  • Psychographic segmentation model VALS
  • Psychographic segmentation based on generations
  • Market segmentation by behavioral factors
  • Segmentation by frequency of consumer purchases
  • Consumer Segment Strategies
  • Market segmentation of industrial products
  • Market coverage strategies
  • Individual marketing and the Internet
  • Positioning strategies for target segments

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