Strategic Matrices

Strategic Matrices is the 2-month  practical course, which is part of the Strategic Marketing program, as well as the MBA program.

Format: in distance with a real tutor (real CEO/business trainer, TOP manager).

The program includes:

  • 50 pages of the author’s structured material, presented in the form of step-by-step instructions, tables, figures and practical conclusions
  • Video lectures and video presentations
  • Templates and check-lists
  • Analytical tests
  • The final practical task checked by the program tutor.

List of templates and checklists provided:

  • Main competitors selection (excel)
  • detailed SWOT analysis (word)
  • General Electric and McKinsey  Matrix (excel)
  • BCG matrix (excel)
  • ADL matrix (word)
  • Ansof’s matrix (excel)


  • Knowledge obtained in the main marketing strategies;
  • Skills in development  and construction of strategic matrices
  • Strategic matrices developed;
  • Feedback from a real tutor (CEO / business trainer, TOP manager)


  • The concept of strategic marketing
  • Stages of a company’s marketing strategy development
  • Basic marketing strategies
  • Leadership strategy. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Differentiation strategy. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Specialization strategy. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Firm Growth Strategies
  • Competitive strategies
  • Market expansion methods
  • Protecting market share strategies
  • Challenging Strategy
  • Types of attacking strategies
  • The “follow the leader” strategy
  • Follower strategies
  • The “specialist” strategy
  • Strategies for competitive behavior in an oligopoly
  • Strategic matrices
  • Ansoff matrix and business growth strategies
  • Model “Market share – market growth” (matrix of Boston Consulting Group (BCG))
  • ADL matrix for determining the vector of company development
  • Matrix General Electric and McKinsey
  • Advantages and disadvantages of strategic models

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