SE MBA Project Management is the number 1 course in project management due to the quality, various educational components, effective way of learning (both in offline and online), professional business tutors. The program presents the step-by-step tools for successful project implementation. The course is the part and 1st level of Executive MBA the best course in project management in Germany and CIS countries.

About the program:

  • Duration is  5 months
  • Educational materials – business books developed by the American & German and authors
  • Diplimas  SE MBA Project Manager Certificate IMA World Wide, USA & Harzburg Diploma Project Manager AFW, Germany

Program modules

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Structuring
  3. Planning
  4. Project implementation
  5. Completion of the project
  6. German experience

Results of the education: 

1. Developed project charter
2. Ready detailed plan of the project
3. Developed Risk Strategy
4. Evaluation of the project according to the GPM and IPMA standarts and criterias

Educational fee is $1500

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