MBA Junior is the 9-month practical program for adolescents that helps to prepare the child for independent life, to develop the necessary skills for further studies at the university, as well as for future employment, to provide an opportunity to realize existing ideas and generate their first income.

Age Group: 14-18 years old

The content and the results

Module 1. Personal Effectiveness

The results of the Module

  • Clear formation of personal goals
  • Development of a plan to achieve goals
  • Analysis of personal effectiveness in various fields of activity
  • Effective teamwork
  • Formation of the ability to control behavior and emotions
  • Understanding and evaluating of capabilities
  • Development of multiple intelligences (linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist intelligence).

Module 2. Time Management

The results of the Module

  • Acquaintance with the most famous and effective time management methodologies
  • Skills development of day planning and the effective use of a temporary resource
  • Ability to prioritize.

Module 3. Public speaking and creating effective presentations

The results of the Module

  • The ability to present herself/himself and to transfer the main message to the audience
  • Ability to create professional interesting presentations
  • No fear while speaking to the audience.

Module 4. Leadership

The results of the Module

  • Formation of an understanding of the psychology of a leader
  • Leadership skills training
  • Ability to listen and to convince the other people
  • Ability to take initiative.

Module 5. Financial Literacy

The results of the Module

  • Ability to manage personal finances
  • Ability to make a budget, keep count of income and expenses, make decisions
  • Understanding the feasibility of the project/business in terms of the “break-even point calculation” tool.

Module 6. Management

The results of the Module

  • Understanding the differences, role and functions of the leader
  • Decision-making skills development
  • Understanding people’s needs and motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Formation of the ability to delegate tasks

Module 7. Marketing & Internet Marketing

The results of the Module

  • Basic marketing knowledge acquisition
  • Market analysis skills formation
  • Ability to segment target audience
  • Marketing strategies understanding
  • Gaining knowledge and skills in the field of Internet marketing
  • knowledge how to promote a product/service through social networks and to analyze performance

Module 8. Conflict Management

The results of the Module

  • Understanding of a conflict nature, types, categories and causes of conflicts
  • Ability to manage a conflict situation and choose the optimal response strategy
  • Stress resistance and ability to control emotional intelligence
  • Possession of negotiation techniques in conflict situations
  • Ability to resolve conflict positively

Module 9. Change Management

The results of the Module

  • Understanding of a change process
  • Understanding of the nature of resistance to change
  • Possession of methods and tools to overcome resistance
  • Change management skills and human resources management

Module 10. My start-up

The results of the Module

  • Knowledge in project management
  • Ability to develop project proposal
  • Ability to identify risks and to develop response strategies
  • Understanding how to form a project team
  • Various programs to start project
  • Ready-made implementation plan
  • Internet promotion strategy


International Management Academy in Social Networks
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