Marketing Strategy

MARKETING STRATEGY is a practic course for marketing managers. The course is developed by IMA World Wide Inc., USA and  AFW Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg GmbH, Germany.

Duration: 5 months.

Practical components: various tasks in the form of business cases, tests, crosswords; templates, checklists, business projects under own activities.

Result: development of a marketing strategy and plan of a product/service.

Program modules:

Module 1. Concept and organization of marketing activity in a Company

Module 2. The marketing environment of a Company

Module 3. Demand as an object of marketing

Module 4. Marketing communications

Module 5. Product strategy

Module 6. Price strategy

Module 7. Marketing channels

Module 8. Marketing research

Module 9. Marketing strategies

Module 10. Digital strategy

Educational fee is $ 1500

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