Internet marketing for Executives

Internet Marketing for Executives is the 2 months practical course in Internet Marketing for Executives and Business Owners

Educational period: 2 months in distance.

The goal of education:

  • To form an understanding of the Internet marketing tools;
  • To define KPIs for Internet marketing activities;
  • To communicate properly with online marketing contractors/subordinates;
  • To control contractors/subordinates in internet marketing effectively;
  • To learn how to build a digital funnel;
  • To develop an Internet marketing strategy for your company/product/service.

The program includes:

  • Educational materials
  • Templates and checklists (word/pdf/excel)
  • The final practical task checked by the tutor of the program.

The content:

  • The main tools of Internet marketing
  • Web analytics; key KPIs
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Content marketing; content marketing strategy; key KPIs
  • Contextual advertisement (PPC); efficiency; remarketing
  • Media advertisement; key KPIs
  • Teaser advertisement
  • SMM; SMM strategy
  • Email marketing; key KPIs; Overview of key services for email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Hidden marketing
  • Digital funnel
  • Internet marketing strategy; the main types of strategies; step-by-step development plan.

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