International MBA is the international program for business owners and TOP-managers that includes the educational module in New York, USA.

Duration is 15 months.

Education is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • to help systematize knowledge and experience gained,
  • to improve the understanding of the company’s activities,
  • to give a holistic view of the basic concepts and concepts of modern management,
  • to show the possibilities of using modern methods of management processes optimization,
  • to develop skills that increase the efficiency of the process of management decisions making in a dynamically changing external environment, teamwork skills and personal qualities of a leader;
  • to transfer the experience of successful American companies to managers and owners of CIS countries.

Program includes:

  1. Distance learning: authors business books, online seminars & workshops, communication with tutor, templates, business cases, practical tasks under the own business projects, video lectures& presentation, free library with bestsellers and business books etc.
  2. Educational module in New York, 2-4 weeks. Seminars, lectures and workshops. Business visits to US Companies etc.
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