Business workshop for Owners

This program is:

  • For those whose business is rising and is needed to be scaled
  • For those who want to launch a new business direction or project
  • For those who have gaps in knowledge and in business management
  • For those who understands that a business should responds to rapidly changing market conditions and the macro environment
  • For those who wants to get  professional recommendations, tools and checklists for quick implementation into business
  • For those who wants to control their staff effectively, and not delve into all the business processes in the company, to have time for strategic planning.
  • For those who does not have the opportunity or desire to study on the MBA program, but would like to get a complete set of knowledge in all areas of business activities.
  • For those who wants to implement changes quickly, as well as “here and now”.


  • Personal Performance Management
  • HR Management
  • Project management
  • Business process management
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Financial management
  • Strategic Management


  • Clear business model and business processes of own business
  • Clearly formed organizational structure of the company
  • Effective motivation policy and personnel management system
  • Launch and implementation of new projects
  • Financial control system established
  • Online and offline business strategies developed
  • Effective sales system
  • Marketing that makes a profit
  • Effective internet marketing strategy
  • Rational use of own resources and company resources
  • Improving business manageability through the acquisition of knowledge system

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